YNN/Voice of the Voter/Siena College Poll

The poll of 503 likely Democratic voters in the city of Rochester was conducted September 3-5 for Voice of the Voter by the Siena College Research Instiitute. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.0 percent. Voice of the Voter is a collaborative effort among the Democrat and Chronicle, WXXI (Channel 21 and AM 1370), WHAM-TV (Channel 13) and WDKX-FM (103.9). It seeks to inform citizens and give them a voice in the election process.

The cross-tabulation data (click here for PDF) shows more details about the results of the poll, breaking down the responses by category such as age, gender, race, and party affiliation.

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Q1. Is the City of Rochester on the right track, or is it headed in the wrong direction? 	
Right track             70%
Wrong direction         19%
Don't know/No opinion   12%

I'm going to read a series of names of people in public life and I'd like you to tell me
whether you have a favorable opinion or an unfavorable opinion of each person I name.

Q2.  Thomas Richards
Favorable               74%
Unfavorable             17%
Don't know/No opinion    9%

Q3.  Lovely Warren 	
Favorable               59%
Unfavorable             26%
Don't know/No opinion   15%

Q4.  Alex White 	
Favorable               31%
Unfavorable             26%
Don't know/No opinion   44%

Q5.  How would you rate the job that Thomas Richards is doing as Mayor. 
Would you rate it as excellent, good, fair, or poor? 	
Excellent               23%
Good                    46%
Fair                    23%
Poor                     7%
Don't know/No opinion    1%

Q6.  Thomas Richards is running for re-election for Mayor this fall, as things stand now, would you
 vote to re-elect him or would you prefer someone else? 	
Re-elect Richards       63%
Prefer someone else     25%
Don't know/No opinion   11%

Q7.  If the Democratic primary for Mayor were held today who would you vote for if the candidates were: 	
Thomas Richards         63%
Lovely Warren           27%
Don't know/No opinion   10%

Q8.  How likely would you say you are to vote for [CANDIDATE NAME]?	
Absolutely certain; there's no chance I will change my mind      65%
Fairly certain; it's unlikely I will change my mind              27%
Not very certain; I very well may change my mind                  7%
Not certain at all; there's a good chance I will change my mind   1%
Don't know/No opinion                                             0%

Q9.  What issue would you say is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT in your decision of who to vote for
in the Democratic Mayoral Primary?	
Crime                   18%
Education               28%
Economic development    25%
Jobs                    18%
City taxes               4%
Other (specify)          5%
Don't know/No opinion    2%

	Q10.  Regardless of which candidate you plan on supporting, which of the candidates do you think is
most likely to win the Democratic Primary for Mayor this year? 	
Thomas Richards         76%
Lovely Warren           14%
Don't know/No opinion   10%

	Q11.  As you consider all the candidates running for Mayor of Rochester, are you satisfied with these
candidates - Thomas Richards, Lovely Warren and Alex White - or is there someone else you would
have preferred to run for Mayor?
Satisfied with candidates  83%
Preferred someone else     14%
Don't know/No opinion       4%

Q12.  Overall today, do you think a Mayor of Rochester is capable of successfully
addressing the problems facing Rochester or do you think the problems are too large for
any Mayor to address? 	
Mayor is capable of successfully addressing the problems facing Rochester   62%
Problems are too large for any Mayor to address                             34%
Don't know/No opinion                                                        4%