Voice of the Voter 2013

The poll of 1,056 registered voters in the city of Rochester was conducted July 29 to August 1 for Voice of the Voter by the Siena College Research Instiitute. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.0 percent. Voice of the Voter is a collaborative effort among the Democrat and Chronicle, WXXI (Channel 21 and AM 1370), WHAM-TV (Channel 13) and WDKX-FM (103.9). It seeks to inform citizens and give them a voice in the election process.

The cross-tabulation data (click here for PDF) shows more details about the results of the poll, breaking down the responses by category such as age, gender, race, and party affiliation.

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Q1. Is New York State on the right track, or is it headed in the wrong direction?	
Right track		51%
Wrong direction	        33%
Don't know/No opinion	16%

Q2. Is the City of Rochester on the right track, or is it headed in the wrong direction?	
Right track		51%
Wrong direction		38%
Don't know/No opinion	11%

Now I'm going to ask you to think about some aspects of fair, poor or let me know if
you simply don't know enough about it in order to say.

Q3. How responsive local government is to the needs of citizens	
Excellent	 3%
Good		29%
Fair		40%
Poor		19%
Don't know 	 9%
Refused	 	 0%
Q4. The quality of our public schools	
Excellent	 2%
Good		13%
Fair		29%
Poor		46%
Don't know 	10%
Refused		 0%

Q5. The condition of public parks and other recreational facilities	
Excellent	16%
Good		52%
Fair		19%
Poor		 5%
Don't know 	 8%
Refused		 0%
Q6. The condition of local roads, sidewalks and other public works	
Excellent	 3%
Good		37%
Fair		36%
Poor		22%
Don't know 	 2%
Refused		 0%
Q7. The job done by the police to keep citizens safe	
Excellent	11%
Good		41%
Fair		31%
Poor		13%
Don't know 	 3%
Refused		 0%

Q8. The ability to obtain suitable employment	
Excellent	 1%
Good		20%
Fair		39%
Poor		28%
Don't know	12%
Refused		 1%

I'm going to read a series of names of people in public life and I'd like you to tell
me whether you have a favorable opinion or an unfavorable opinion of each person I name.

Q9. (Democrats only) Thomas Richards	
Favorable		66%
Unfavorable		15%
Don't know/No opinion	19%
Q10. (Democrats only) Lovely Warren	
Favorable		50%
Unfavorable		20%
Don't know/No opinion	30%

Q11. (Democrats only) Alex White	
Favorable		21%
Unfavorable		15%
Don't know/No opinion	63%

Q12. Maggie Brooks	
Favorable		41%
Unfavorable		51%
Don't know/No opinion	 8%

Q13. Louise Slaughter	
Favorable		75%
Unfavorable		18%
Don't know/No opinion	 7%

Q14. Thomas Richards is running for re-election for Mayor this fall, as things stand
now, would you vote to re-elect him or would you prefer someone else?	
Re-elect Richards	51%
Prefer someone else	31%
Don't know/No opinion	17%

Q15. How would you rate the job that Thomas Richards is doing as Mayor. Would you 
rate it as excellent, good, fair, or poor?	
Excellent		10%
Good			42%
Fair			36%
Poor			 8%
Don't know/No opinion	 4%

Q16. (Democrats only) If the Democratic primary for Mayor were held today who would
you vote for if the candidates were:
Thomas Richards		55%
Lovely Warren		28%
Don't know/No opinion	17%
Q17. (Democrats only) How likely would you say you are to vote for [CANDIDATE NAME]?	
Absolutely certain; there's no chance I will change my mind	49%
Fairly certain; it's unlikely I will change my mind		35%
Not very certain; I very well may change my mind		12%
Not certain at all; there's a good chance I will change my mind	 4%
Don't know/No opinion						 1%

(Democrats only) On each of the following issues, I'd like you to tell me who you 
think would do a better job representing you as Rochester's Mayor.

Q18. Fighting crime
Thomas Richards		52%
Lovely Warren		24%
Don't know/No opinion	24%

Q19. Improving public education	
Thomas Richards		36%
Lovely Warren		37%
Don't know/No opinion	27%
Q20. Addressing neighborhood concerns	
Thomas Richards		38%
Lovely Warren		43%
Don't know/No opinion	19%

Q21. Managing economic development in Rochester
Thomas Richards		59%
Lovely Warren		22%
Don't know/No opinion	19%

Q22. Creating jobs
Thomas Richards		51%
Lovely Warren		24%
Don't know/No opinion	25%

Q23. Keeping city taxes under control
Thomas Richards		52%
Lovely Warren		23%
Don't know/No opinion	25%

Q24. Addressing the city's long term liabilities like pension costs
Thomas Richards		56%
Lovely Warren		19%
Don't know/No opinion	25%

Q25. Do you support or oppose the Mayor being in control of the Rochester schools?
Support			38%
Oppose			49%
Don't know/No opinion	14%

Q26. Are you in favor of or opposed to the City spending additional monies to 
maintain roads, bridges and other aspects of Rochester's infrastructure?	
In favor		80%
Opposed			16%
Don't know/No opinion	 4%