Voice of the Voter 2012

The poll of 800 likely Monroe County voters was conducted Oct. 7-11 for Voice of the Voter by the Siena College Research Instiitute. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.5 percent. Voice of the Voter is a collaborative effort among the Democrat and Chronicle, WXXI (Channel 21 and AM 1370), WHAM-TV (Channel 13) and WDKX-FM (103.9). It seeks to inform citizens and give them a voice in the election process.

The cross-tabulation data (click here for PDF) shows more details about the results of the poll, breaking down the responses by category such as age, gender, race, and party affiliation.

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Q1. Is New York State on the right track, or is it headed in the wrong direction?
Right track	51%
Wrong direction	38%
Don't know/No opinion	11%

Q2. Is Monroe County on the right track, or is it headed in the wrong direction? 	

Right track	56%
Wrong direction	32%
Don't know/No opinion	13%

Q3. Is the City of Rochester on the right track, or is it headed in the wrong direction? 	

Right track	41%
Wrong direction	41%
Don't know/No opinion	17%

For each of the following public officials and institutions, tell me if you would rate their job performance as excellent, good, fair or poor? 	
Q4. (If city of Rochester) The job that Thomas Richards is doing as Mayor? 	

Excellent	10%
Good	47%
Fair	28%
Poor	7%
Don't know/No opinion	8%

Q5. The job that Maggie Brooks is doing as Monroe County Executive? 	

Excellent	10%
Good	34%
Fair	32%
Poor	20%
Don't know/No opinion	4%

Q6. (If city of Rochester) The job that Bolgen Vargas is doing as Rochester Schools Superintendent? 	

Excellent	4%
Good	30%
Fair	37%
Poor	15%
Don't know/No opinion	14%

Q7. The job that Barack Obama is doing as President? 	

Excellent	16%
Good	34%
Fair	17%
Poor	32%
Don't know/No opinion	0%

Q8. The job that Andrew Cuomo is doing as Governor? 	

Excellent	18%
Good	46%
Fair	26%
Poor	8%
Don't know/No opinion	2%

Q9. The job that the New York State Assembly is doing? 	
Excellent	2%
Good	21%
Fair	46%
Poor	24%
Don't know/No opinion	7%

Q10. The job that the New York State Senate is doing? 	
Excellent	3%
Good	24%
Fair	43%
Poor	26%
Don't know/No opinion	4%

Q11. The job that the Congress of the United States is doing? 	

Excellent	2%
Good	11%
Fair	32%
Poor	54%
Don't know/No opinion	2%

Q12. (If city of Rochester) The job that the Rochester School Board is doing? 	
Excellent	3%
Good	22%
Fair	39%
Poor	29%
Don't know/No opinion	7%

Q13. (If city of Rochester) The job that the Rochester City Council is doing? 	
Excellent	3%
Good	32%
Fair	44%
Poor	15%
Don't know/No opinion	7%

Q14. The job that the Monroe County Legislature is doing? 	
Excellent	4%
Good	31%
Fair	45%
Poor	15%
Don't know/No opinion	6%

Q15. Looking ahead to the upcoming presidential election, if the election for President was held today, who would you vote for if the candidates were: 	
Barack Obama on the Democratic line	52%
Mitt Romney on the Republican line	39%
Vol: Someone else 	1%
Vol: Not voting for President	1%
Don't know/Refused	7%
Q16. (If in CD 25) If the election for Member of Congress from the 25th Congressional District was held today, who would you vote for if the candidates were: 	
Louise Slaughter on the Democratic line	49%
Maggie Brooks on the Republican line	44%
Don't know/Refused	6%

Would you like your elected officials to increase spending, maintain the current level of spending, or cut spending on projects related to the following issues? 	
Q17. Child abuse and neglect 	
Increase spending	44%
Maintain spending	47%
Cut spending	6%
Don't know/No opinion	3%

Q18. Child care subsidies for lower-income families 	

Increase spending	32%
Maintain spending	48%
Cut spending	17%
Don't know/No opinion	3%

Q19. Childhood obesity 	
Increase spending	28%
Maintain spending	37%
Cut spending	31%
Don't know/No opinion	5%

Q20. Crime and drugs 	

Increase spending	37%
Maintain spending	48%
Cut spending	13%
Don't know/No opinion	2%
Q21. Higher education 	

Increase spending	36%
Maintain spending	44%
Cut spending	19%
Don't know/No opinion	1%

Q22. Hospitals 	

Increase spending	24%
Maintain spending	60%
Cut spending	13%
Don't know/No opinion	3%

Q23. K through 12 Education 	

Increase spending	45%
Maintain spending	40%
Cut spending	14%
Don't know/No opinion	2%

Q24. Medicaid 	

Increase spending	21%
Maintain spending	59%
Cut spending	18%
Don't know/No opinion	2%

Q25. Roads, bridges and other infrastructure 	
Increase spending	41%
Maintain spending	49%
Cut spending	9%
Don't know/No opinion	1%

Q26. How concerned are you about the security and future of your own job, or the jobs of any close family members in the Rochester area? 	

Very concerned	33%
Somewhat concerned	35%
Not too concerned	18%
Not at all concerned	12%
Don't know/No opinion	2%

Q27. Now looking ahead -- Do you think that four years from now you will be better off financially, or worse off, or just about the same as now? 	
Better off	33%
Worse off	14%
Just about the same as now	45%
Don't know/No opinion	8%
Have you or a family member delayed plans for any of the following life decisions because of the current economy? 	
Q28. Attending college 	

Yes	12%
No	83%
Vol: Not applicable	5%
Don't know/No opinion	1%

Q29. Marriage 	

Yes	7%
No	87%
Vol: Not applicable	5%
Don't know/No opinion	1%

Q30. Having children 	
Yes	8%
No	85%
Vol: Not applicable	6%
Don't know/No opinion	1%

Q31. How confident are you that when you retire, you will be able to maintain your current standard of living? Are you 	
Very confident	20%
Somewhat confident	32%
Not very confident	18%
Not at all confident	13%
Vol: Already retired	15%
Don't know/No opinion	2%

Q32. Are you or a close family member considering further education to either change jobs or provide better job security in the future? 	
Yes	34%
No	64%
Don't know/No opinion	1%

Q33. How would you rate economic conditions in Monroe County? Would you say they are excellent, good, fair or poor? 	
Excellent	2%
Good	33%
Fair	53%
Poor	12%
Don't know/No opinion	0%

Q34. Five years from now, do you think that the economy in Monroe County will be better off, worse off, or about the same as it is today? 	
Better off	36%
Worse off	13%
About the same	44%
Don't know/No opinion	7%

Q35. Looking at the issue of health care and the Federal health care legislation enacted two years ago, which of the following two choices is closest to your point of view: [READ LIST] 	
Although it may not go far enough, I’d like to see the health care reform legislation fully implemented as soon as possible	51%
I'm in favor of repealing the health care reform legislation	41%
Don't know/No opinion	7%

Q36. How much influence will a candidate's position on whether to implement or repeal the health care reform law have on your vote this November? Would you say a great deal of influence, some influence, not very much influence or no influence at all? 	

A great deal of influence	42%
Some influence	39%
Not very much influence	13%
No influence at all	5%
Don't know/No opinion	2%
For each of the following proposals, tell me if you support it, oppose it or whether you don't have a preference or are undecided. 	
Q37. The Department of Environmental Conservation allowing hydrofracking to move forward in parts of upstate New York 	
Support	31%
Oppose	34%
Don't have a preference	11%
Undecided	23%
Q38. Having state and local officials offer tax breaks and incentives to attract businesses to the area 	

Support	64%
Oppose	11%
Don't have a preference	8%
Undecided	17%

Q39. The continuation of government support, for example tax credits, for NY companies in the renewable energy industry 	
Support	56%
Oppose	18%
Don't have a preference	10%
Undecided	15%

Q40. Do you feel that budget cuts have or have not adversely affected the quality of education in your area's school district? 	
Have	44%
Have not	47%
Don't know/No opinion	9%

Q41. How much confidence do you have that the Eastman Kodak Company will emerge from bankruptcy in 2013? 	
A great deal	4%
A fair amount	14%
Not very much	43%
None at all	37%
Don't know/No opinion	2%

Q42. How important do you think public investment in the Eastman Business Park is to the economic future of Monroe County? 	
Very important	24%
Somewhat important	47%
Not very important	17%
Not important at all	8%
Don't know/No opinion	5%

Q43. Do you think Monroe County Community College made the right decision or the wrong decision in choosing to locate its city campus on State Street rather than in downtown Rochester? 	
Right decision	54%
Wrong decision	20%
Don't know/No opinion	27%

Nature of the Sample

Monroe County Likely Voters Party Democrat 39% Republican 29% Independent/Other 28% Region City of Rochester 24% Rest of Monroe County 76% Political View Liberal 23% Moderate 42% Conservative 33% Religion Catholic 38% Protestant 33% Other 27% Race/Ethnicity White 82% Non-White 15% Income Less than $50,000 37% $50,000-$100,000 32% $100,000 or more 20% Age 18 to 34 12% 35 to 54 29% 55 and older 56% Gender Male 45% Female 55%