Public payrolls

The information in this database comes from analysis of payroll records requested in October by the Democrat and Chronicle under the state's Freedom of Information Law. We sought records from 36 municipalities in Monroe and Ontario counties in preparation for Sunshine Week, a National campaign celebrated each March that tests the effectiveness of federal, state, and local open records laws. Nearly five months and more than $1,700 in data retrieval fees later, all the contacted communities have responded with data, but much of what was provided wasn’t what was requested: electronic records showing six years of employee names, titles, full- or part-time status, annual regular pay and gross wages with a breakdown of compensation, including annual overtime, bonuses or other stipends. No information was requested that would expose open employees to up for identity theft. We were able to build a database and analyze payroll records from 17 of the communities. Data for employees of other towns in Monroe County, and for other local and public employees statewide is available from the Empire Center For New York State Policy at their website,
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