Local Servicemen

Roughly 1,300 servicemen and women from Monroe County gave their lives serving their country during World War Two. This database, compiled by historian Russ Pickett, includes information on each of them. Click on an individual's name to see more detailed articles on each service member from the archives of the Democrat & Chronicle or Times-Union, when available.

Cause of Death: KIA = Killed in Action, MIA = Missing in Action, LOD = Line of Duty, DOW = Died of Wounds, POW = Died while Prisoner of War, DOD = Died of Disease.

Medals Key: AM = Air Medal, BS = Bronze Star, DFC = Distinguished Flying Cross, DSC = Distinguished Service Cross, LOM = Legion Of Merit, NC = Navy Cross, PH = Purple Heart, SS = Silver Star.

Cenotaph = A memorial stone only, remains not recovered or possibly interred somewhere unknown.
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