Local Athletes in the Big Leagues

The following database attempts to list all of the athletes from the area who were drafted or played in one of the four major professional sports.

For basketball, football, and hockey player, the database lists players from area high schools or colleges who went on to play in the NBA, NFL, or NHL.

For baseball players, the database includes everyone from area high schools or colleges who was drafted or played in the minor leagues. In each case, it lists the highest level of minor league play that a player reached. In some instances, players who were drafted opted to go to college and never played pro ball. In other cases, players were not drafted but went on to professional careers anyway. Pro athletes who were born in Rochester but moved away at a young age are not included (e.g., baseball Hall of Famer Charles Radbourn).

This data is based on original staff research. If you know of any errors or omissions, please let us know by email at sports@democratandchronicle.com.

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